About the Ethik.Guide

The Ethik.Guide is a consumer guide which incorporates companies that uphold ethical corporate values and meet certain criteria; in a nutshell: fair working conditions, cruelty-free and organic products as well as vegan-friendly options in shops, restaurants and hotels, and also brands, labels and services.

Sustainable, fair and cruelty-free shopping guide

It was founded in 2010 in Vienna, Austria by the nonprofit organisation animal.fair. Since that time, our editorial team supplies users interested in sustainability, fair trade and veganism in Austria, Germany and other German speaking regions. More than 2.800 companies in eleven categories are listed till this day. The Ethik.Guide is a tool and platform for companies and interested persons to find out about trends and developments in the area of sustainable consumption.

Search and find

So that consumers can identify shops and restaurants that are listed in the Ethik.Guide and have a vegan offer, we send a sticker for the entrance door or shop window to all newly added companies with a location. Partners of the Ethik.Guide who meet particularly strict criteria and grant our members discount are specially marked.

Beside the “Shopping guide”, our website provides readers also with background articles and practical tips for a sustainable lifestyle. In the “Infothek” you find articles about animal welfare and animal rights, about materials and their ethical an ecological impact and about conditions in the manufacture of products. Current developments are also discussed in our “Blog”.

Benefits with our member card

As a nonprofit organisation we depend on the contributions of our members. With the Ethik.Card our members get special conditions at 150 eco-fair partner companies of the Ethik.Guide.